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About Me


I’m Matt Beausoleil. Thank you for coming to my site. Sactown is a slang name for the city I live in, I moved here after getting out of the Marine Corps in 2003.  I was an Electro- optical ordnance repairer, in other words I repaired electronics and ground guidance systems. I have been in the business of repairing things my whole life, Helicopters came to me as what seems to be the perfect hobby in 2014, I have been going full speed with it since.

I started my own store after being frustrated looking for parts from vendors. I can not tell you how many times I’ve gone to order parts for a repair and I always had to order from more than one place. My goal with Sactown Hobby is to have a place for you to get all the parts you need in one place and to help support the products that my friends and I enjoy.

The products I’m carrying are limited for now as I start but I will cover more models as time goes on. I personally own a SAB Goblin, one of the best 380 class machines around so I’m very happy to support it.   Again, thank you for coming to my small store, I hope that I can make your shopping experience fun, safe and easy.


Matt Beausoleil